Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blog is active once again

Over a year between posts, scaring to think how I've immersed myself into work. Anyway, 2007 should be a tad easier and less busy year and I'll contribute quite frequently to this blog.

In the last post I mentioned that my new system consists of JMLab Micro Be speakers and Velodyne DD12 sub. Amplifiers are still the same, Audio Research LS25mk2 and Mark Levinson 334 power amp. Source remains same, i.e. Mark Levinson 390S.

Some developments, though. I contribute on the freelance basis to Finnish on-line hifi publication and in that context have reviewed various gear. Some time ago I reviewed Musical Fidelity kW250S, MF's high-end, all-in-one solution. Although I found 250S' sound quite involving but somewhat less resolving that my own gear, I started to wonder whether my mainly 5 years old (design-wise) set-up represents high-end in today's standard. Cutting a long story short, I received 5 weeks ago my trusted ARC LS25mk2 pre-amp back from upgrade. The mod was performed by Great Northern Sound, and entails a re-built power section and replacing all coupling caps by V-Cap TeflonĀ® Film Tin Foil caps. The indicated 400 hours burn-in is not yet completed, so I'll post listening report later on. But let me give you a teaser - I seriously doubt whether a brand-new ARC LS26, direct replacement for LS25, could even remotely be as transparent and resolving as my mod unit.

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