Sunday, November 13, 2005

Interesting new HE products

In recent HE-related shows some interesting blue-sky products have been announced. In Paris Salon Haute Fidelite 2005 Halcro exhibited the DM88 DM88 monoblocks. Details are sparse, so I've to re-visit on this issue later on.

London Hi-Fi & Home Entertainment Show had evidently very strong focus on 2-ch audio, and Mark Levinson chose venue to launch its No.51 Media Player. The No. 51 seems to be Red Book / DVD-V player, i.e. without SACD or DVD-A support. "It is designed to elevate the enjoyment of DVD-Videos and CDs to a remarkably high level.", according to ML Web-site. Curious segmentation choice, if I might say so.

Conrad-Johnson has further extended its pre-amp offerings, the latest is the CT6 pre-amp to complement the ACT2 and CT5 (see previous blog entry).

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