Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Latest from Naim Audio

I just noticed that Naim is aiming even higher. Company has introduced at London Hi-fi and Home Entertainment Show the new reference level CD-player, model CD555, along with the 555PS power supply. According to Naim, it "represents Naim's finest reference quality CD player to date". I didn't see any information whether the existing top-of-the-line model CDS3 continues in production. The CD555 will be available in December 2005.

The CD555 is evidently aimed to accompany Naim's NAC 552, which "is by some distance the most advanced Naim pre-amplifier ever and has some claim, therefore, to being the best pre-amplifier, period". The related external power supply is the 552PS. Stereophile's Michael Fremer review is available on-line, to sum up he concluded that "... the NAC 552 provided an exceptionally coherent and cohesive sonic, and especially musical, picture. Add to that its high build quality, convenience, flexibility, and, for the most part, glitch-free performance, and you have an expensive product that, when you look at, touch, and hear it, quickly lets you know you're in the presence of audiophile greatness". Remember that this review took place before Mickey's entry into Musical Fidelity's and Wilson Audio's ne plus ultra wonderland. ;)

In French Haute Fidelite's October 2005 issue Naim NAC 252 pre-amp + Supercap 2 and NAP 500 power amp were reviewed. No news here, the extreme musicality & grace & beauty & ease, PRAT (pace, rhythm, and timing) and huge dynamics resulted in Haute Fidelite Reference honour.

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