Monday, September 05, 2005

Acrojapan cables

"If the name "Acrolink" starts appearing in your favorite magazines, remember that you read about it here first", said Ken Kessler in Stereophile August eNewsletter. These are high-end cables previously reserved for Japanese market only, and according to KK exclusive for TEAC Esoteric brand. Company aims now to extend its global reach, and you can admire built quality at their US distributor's site.

German Stereoplay was the first to test Nordost's latest, "affordable" interconnects. Evidently so new that Nordost's own Web-site has no mention of them! At least you can see pictures here. Result: the most expensive (€1.600) "Tyr" RCA interconnect received 19 points, and the entry model (€550) "Heimdall" 15. For the comparison, the same magazine gave 18 points for Kimber Kable Select KS 1030 - and my personal experience is that the 1030 is a fabulous interconnect (I own KK Select 3035 speaker cables).

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