Friday, August 12, 2005

Apple Ipod volume control restriction

Evidently Apple had to introduce volume control limit to its iPod players within the EU in order to comply with health (and sanity?) regulation. I typically exercise pretty strict control how loud I listen to my iPod using Etymotic ER4P earphones, but there are times I would prefer just a tad more volume. There is an answer, i.e. software hack, which removes this limitation. If you feel that you want to take control over your listening volumes, see GoPod. Click "GO" and choose a proper ZIP file for downloading. I had no problems unlocking my 6GB iPod Mini.

BTW, if you own Etymotic ER4 earphones and are unsure which model you have, I got this answer from Etymotic customer support (which is SUPER, don't hesitate to contact them): The 4P has a green pod at the "Y" connector and the 4S has a gray pod at the "Y" connector.

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