Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Corrections and more about HP

I have received some comments from readers concerning my posts. First, according to some German Web-sites the correct price for a pair of Onkyo D-302E seems to be around €1.600, not €2.400 as indicated by French Revue du Son. Thanks for Leonid, although you said that they actually cost around 750-800 Euro, that seems to be per speaker price.

Second, some time ago I wrote that TAS' Harry Pearson was "in the Critical Intersection", i.e. HP elaborated in "HP's Workshop" that while auditioning some new components over the past few months, he firmly believes that we have reached a turning point in recreating an absolute sound.

HP, being a teaser, continued in the TAS August 2005 issue as follows: "I have been able, thanks to a crucial technical advance in the reference system, to eliminate a linestage from the electronic chain and plug either the ASR batterydriven phonostage or any one of a hot new generation of conventional CD players directly into the reference amplifier. What reference amplifier? What kind of input stage (t’ain’t passive)?"

A reader sent me email saying that HP is actually referring to ASR Emitter line of products, but putting that in the context what HP said above that makes little sense. But as said, HP "The Teaser" will undoubtedly enlighten us in the following issues of TAS.

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