Monday, October 17, 2005

HP's secret revealed - it's ASR Emitter

One of my reader was correct, HP's secret (see post1 and post2) is the ASR Emitter II Exclusive. And what an essay the latest "HP's Workshop" in October/November 2005 issue of The Absolute Sound is. "This amp is so far beyond the usual that I call it "revolutionary" ... essential elements of its performance defy the usual descriptives ...".

BTW, the Emitter II Exclusive is a $27.000, 280Wpc into 8ohms "integrated" amplifier with a separate battery-powered supply for the input stage.

You have to read yourself this saga where HP with some respective names of high-end audio use the Emitter as "...the focal point, the "enabler", if you will, that allow us ... to fine-tune the jizzy-wits out of the primary reference". The Alon Exotica Grand Reference speakers were driven by the ASR and Antique Sound Lab Hurricane monos (woofers), the digital sources varied from two-piece Lector CDP-7T to the four-piece Lector set-up, followed by Bluenote's Stibber and Jadis JD-1. Analoque sources were no slouch either, Dynavector XV-1S, Benz Ebony LP cartridges and VPI and Kuzma decks. And the manufacturers were on site hacking their products: Nola speakers' designer upgraded cross-overs, VPI's designer created a Super Scoutmaster Plus etc. Nordost cables played a crucial role both in system wiring and in aforementioned upgrades.

Stuff of legend and a journey into high-end audio singularity. And it's not over yet. HP is already reviewing improved Emitter II Exclusive Version 2005...

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