Sunday, November 06, 2005

MAXX2 shell-shock continues

Since I listened to Wilson MAXX 2s some two weeks ago I've been under audio shell-shock. In other words, MAXXs redefined quite many aspects of the listening experience and seriously caused me to re-evaluate what hifi and reproduction of music represent.

The biggest revelation and key learning from listening MAXXs was redefinition of resolution. I've previously associated terms "transparency" and "resolution"mainly with higher and mid frequencies, yet MAXXs demonstrated that both terms are equally applicable to lower frequencies - and by doing so, they push re-production of music in domestic environment to utterly different direction. Same redefinition applies to soundstage, or in MAXX's case, lack of that artificial space. Actually last week-end I changed my listening position way backwards from speakers, and managed to achieve some of MAXX's "wholeness" magic with my Revel Studios.

Furthermore, I realized that regardless what tweaks, cables or other secondary components one insert into system, these investments pale beside purchasing top loudspeakers like MAXXs. I guess that puts me in "speakers first" corner in system hierarchy battle.

As Robert Harley in the Absolute Sound review of MAXX 2s said: "Once you hear the new-found resolution of bass detail, the stunning transient fidelity, and the unique combination of finesse and power ... there is simple no going back".

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