Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Response Audio offers 220V modified amps

Response Audio is well-known by Antique Sound Labs modifications. As of early 2005 the company is offering 220v version of both ASL Monsoon and Hurricanes. The specs look intriguing: V-Cap capacitors, Riken and Dale/Vishay resistors, Bybee Quantum Purifiers, etc. Plus, both ASL units have both SE and balanced inputs. You can even get custom color finish for USD 250. Prices seem to be reasonable (around USD 5000 for a pair of Monsoons), however the EU import add some 20% on top of the bill. Fabulous gear, only downside is that fully modified Response Audio "system will cause you to wet your pants." ;)

ASL Monsoon Extreme

Ming-Da preamps owners or anybody participating in "self-import from China" phenomenon. Check the extent of modifications available from Response Audio for this inexpensive pre-amp.

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