Thursday, March 10, 2005

EAT tubes

Euroaudioteam's KT88 tubes are the reason I'm seeking KT88 based amplifier powerful enough to drive my Revel Studios (88db sensitivity). Since my listening levels seldom exceed 105db, I'm confident I would manage with some 50w per channel amplifier. Idea is not to replace my ML334 amplifier, but have second, lust sounding tube amplifier for those wee hours jazz sessions.

So far I've looked into new McIntosh MC275, but it was no go as those old fashioned speaker cable hook-ups requires re-termination of speaker cables. I have narrowed my search now to two products: first is new PrimaLuna ProLogue Five with 40W per channel (SE only, but the price!); the second is Melody S88.

Back to EAT tubes. Story is fascinating. Company is a cooperative effort under the aegis of Jozefina Krahulcova. EAT combines top engineers from the UK, Switzerland and the original Tesla factory in Prague. All final testing of EAT tubes is done in Switzerland to assure the highest quality. The Hifi+ magazine tested the KT88 tubes in issue 34, and consequently gave them "Product of the Year 2004 Award" in issue 36. In short, they claim that performance of EAT KT88s exceeds of legendary (and very rare/expensive) NOS MO/GEC KT88s. The Hifi+ tested in Rogue Audio Model 90 KT88s from Electroharmonix, Svetlana and MO/GEC, and found EATs to be way superior - " if we were listening to an amplifier at three times the price ...". You can buy EAT valves at least from Tubedistinctions/UK, matched quad at £560. Or if you are visiting London, give a call to Pistol Music, +44 (0) 20 89 71 39 09 at 58 Durham Road, SW20 London.

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