Thursday, March 10, 2005

AVTAC Pasiphae transformer attenuator


"The Line 3 and the Audio Research 2 Mk II are two of the best preamps ever made, and they do a lot of good things, but both veil the music, limiting transparency to some degree. I have, until now, run my amp direct from my dCS source for this reason. The Pasiphae VSR is the first component I have ever had the pleasure of hearing that is better than no preamp. Insultingly neutral? How about offensively transparent, debasingly detailed and revoltingly realistic…" — Ross Mantle, Senior Editor .

Technically, the AVTAC Pasiphae is a transformer based passive attenuator. Do not confuse this with inexpensive (or expensive) resistive attenuators. Transformer attenuation is in a league of its own. The Pasiphae uses transformers from Stevens & Billington to attenuate volume without loss of signal energy.

Mantle concludes: "... I’m talking about a quantum leap in speed, image definition, resolution, microdetail, dynamics, bass performance, and realism. It really works. I was so amazed I just sat there like an idiot.

Or like Tyrannosaurus rex seeing snow for the first time."

Viewpoint: Have personally never heard passive volume controls, which did not reduce dynamics. But this looks like interesting product: remote control, SE/XLR inputs/outputs, 110/240v etc.

There are audiophiles who maintain that the most important component in high-end system is active pre-amp, and that all other components should be matched synergically to pre-amp of choice. My own experience connecting Mark Levinson 390S cd-player directly to ML 334 power amp also ran in the face of "less is better / shorter the signal path the better" advocates. My system simply came alive with Audio Research LS25 mk2 tube pre-amp.

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