Tuesday, April 12, 2005

MoFi 24 Karat Gold CD-R

Source: MoFi Web site


Anyone who has ever damaged a CD-R through abrasion or excessive exposure to heat or light knows that CD-Rs are an imperfect technology and it’s all too facile and common to lose priceless data. For ocassions when you can’t afford to endanger your data, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab is proud to introduce the Ultradisc CD-R. Our 24KT Gold ULTRADISC CD-R is designed for professional, data critical, music and graphic archival applications, and all other data storage where there is no margin for loss or error. These specially-gold-plated ULTRADISC CD-Rs ensure excellent reflectivity, are non corrosive, and have dramatically enhanced resistance to light and heat. Additional features include instantaneous pit burning (burst burning) for superior pit formation and extremely low to no error rate; and an added, patented, scratch resistant, protective surface. Due to these features, little if any error correction is required upon retrieval of information, producing precise reproduction of stored data.Where as the average CD-R has a projected lifespan of only 20 years—if stored in ideal conditions, our accelerated aging tests predict that the 24KT Gold ULTRADISC CD-R will retain its specifications for more than 300 years.

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