Thursday, April 07, 2005

Isotek Tital power filter

IsoTek Systems is a British specialist of power filtering. Apparently they do know something about filtering as Nordost's latest offering, Thor distribution unit, was joint-developed with them and incorporates IsoTek's proprietary filtering technology.

The Gil Titan power filter was tested in April 2005 issue of Hi-Fi News: "During the time spend with the Titan it never failed to improve a component's sound. It is, quite simply, the most impressive mains filter we've ever heard." Reviewer hooked it up with some serious amplifiers (Musical Fidelity A5 pre/power, Bryston 14B-SST, Krell KRC-3 preamp etc.), and did not experience any dynamic compression. His colleague tried it with Naim gear (with Flarcap 2), and confirmed the benefits: soundstage opened up, lower noise room, improved clarity and better timing.

Viewpoint: I can say having a bit of experience using power filters. I own PS-Audio P300, 2 x PS-Audio Ultimate Outlets (high-current version), Einstein "the Octopus" power distributor/filter and Trichord Research Powerblock 500 filter. And none of them is anymore in use in my HE-rig. Reason is simple: although "black is blacker" applies with all of them, I always sense loss of dynamics and reduced attack. But that's just me. Maybe Isotek has finally managed to produce a filter, which is ONLY beneficial.

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