Friday, June 10, 2005

Nordost Thor

In June/July 2005 issue of The Absolute Sound Harry Pearson listed his updated "Super Components List". Although review is pending, HP already announced that Nordost's Thor AC mains power distribution unit is "A masterpiece, pure and simple." I wrote earlier in this blog about enthusiastic Nordost product reviews in audio magazines. Some time ago HP became converted, and has since been an evangelist for Nordost Valhalla cables, pronouncing "allows what might truly be described as a window on the, er, world of sound."

Viewpoint: If you already have top notch system, Valhalla cable system might be icing the cake. However, personally I just can't get over the price issue - are you really better of investing over €20.000 to cables instead of putting the same money into updated source and/or pre-amp? But then I also use expensive Siltech G5/G6 interconnects and Kimber Kable's 3035 speaker cables, so I should be the last person quetching. Envious?

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