Thursday, June 09, 2005

Only a Frenchman ...

can conclude an audio component review by saying "Avec les Manley, c'est fromage ET dessert."

You have to know a bit of cuisine fran├žaise to appreciate this "you can have both cheese and dessert" joke. Anyway, the closing was made in review of Manley Snapper monoblocks. You propably guessed already, Antoine Gresland in Haute Fidelite June 2005 issue rated Snappers highly.

Monsieur Gresland asserted: "Neutral and well-balanced, it's evident that the tubes are not used here to produce false warmness in frequency band, but to liberate it from any hardness and provide a listener as precise listening experience as possible." He furthermore noted easiness of reproduction of music and musicality of these monoblocks. His closing remark about cheese and dessert referred to fact that with Snappers you don't need to choose between objective and subjective qualities of music reproduction - you can have them both.

Viewpoint: While some high-end companies have house sound, Manley has house naming policy and industrial design. Coming to consumer hifi from pro-segment the Manley Labs, under the leadership of characteristic Madame EveAnna Manley, evidently produces super products. Their Steelhead phono pre-amp has received outstanding reviews, and as for the Snapper Positive Feedback gave it equally glowing remarks.

My only concern with the Snapper is its low input impedance: with the switch in rear a user can choose input impedance either 600Ohm or 15kOhm. The higher value is still on the low side for some (tube) pre-amps.

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