Wednesday, June 08, 2005

More glory for EAT KT-88 tubes

Source: Hi-Fi News July 2005

As I wrote earlier in this blog, EAT's KT-88 tubes have received very favourable reviews in British hi-fi press. Now Ken Kessler found that they turbocharged his current budget reference amplifier PrimaLuna Prologue 2. "...the KT-88s astonish, offering gains in weight, midband and speed." He noticed that already excellent amp (for a budget component) gave an impression of increased wattage, bottom end was more convincing, and overall resolution went up "A big notch." According to review, there were much improved attack/decay capabilities, i.e. PrimaLuna gained speed. Sum-up: "...£600's worth of EATs can turn the £999 PrimaLuna into a reasonable facsilile of a £3000 amp...".

There is on-line review about EAT's 300B tubes in Positive Feedback.

See also post presenting some interesting European KT-88 based amps.

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