Thursday, May 05, 2005

Nordost and Hifi+

I, "The φber-tweaker", subscribe to notion that so called secondary components akin cables, rack, isolation devices etc. do play quite significant part in system tuning - although still I would prefer to invest primarily in active components. In this context I'm a tad perplexed by Hifi+ magazine's fixation to review (or at least highlight) in almost every issue Nordost products. The latest examples: the issue 35 had mains distribution unit Thor, and issue 38 in its part Brahma power cord. Excellent reviews, naturally. I'm not questioning integrity of their review process, Nordost is just making excellent marketing.

TAS' Harry Pearson recently announced that Valhallas have bettered his previous power cord champions, Kimber Kable Palladian PK 10s - and by a wide margin.

UPDATE: Hi-fi News in June 2005 issue joined the band: "I still cannot believe the extortionate price this mains lead is offered at, when complete audio systems of merit can be assembled for less than the price of one length. But I also cannot deny that, in the context of my own system, one cable alone truly transformed it for the better." And this from Andrew Harrison, pretty respected reviewer.

I've personally tested Valhalla speaker cables, and was not that impressed. Has to say that I owned at that time Cardas Golden Reference, Kimber Kable 3035 (still has) and Townshend Audio's Isolda cryo treated (still has) speaker cables, so Valhallas were not in "virgin" environment. I have NOT heard Valhalla power cable, but I do own and use entry level Shiva and I find it OK - but not as good as for example Siltech SPX-30, which is at the same price level. Since my reference in power cords is still Kimber Kable Palladian PK 10s (I possess two), maybe I should dare...

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