Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vacuum State cables

There is no shortage of small audio outfits providing modifications to audio equipments. Personally I'm in favour in mods as I've very good (sonic) experience with Perpetual Technologies P-3A Signature mod from ModWright and GNSC modified ARC LS25 Mk2 pre-amp. Some years ago a big thing was Sony SACD players mods, and Vacuum State's mods received very good reviews in DAGOGO and Positive Feedback.

Vacuum State is a HE company founded in Australia in 1982 by Allen Wright, and VS is currently located in Switzerland. Company is receiving growing recognition for its HE tube amps, see e.g. review of RTP-3D preamplifier. What I personally found intriguing in their Web-site was a reference to the comprehensive speaker cable and interconnect shoot-out by Italian VideoHifi.com internet magazine. See report in their web-site. Take the test with a pinch of salt as any other cable comparison, but according to test VS' silver interconnect performed admirably against interconnects from Crystal Cable, DACT Dual Connect, Legenburg etc.

If you are in DIY you can order 1 meter Vacuum State silver interconnect for 195 euros from VS' on-line shop. I'm giving VS a try as I need 1.5 meters long XLR interconnects, and I'll report back my observations when I've received my kit.

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