Monday, February 19, 2007

Shunyata Research Hydra V-RAY

For quite many audiophiles SR's Hydra family of power distributors / conditioners has been the reference. In 2003 SR annouced their top dog Hydra Model-8 power condioner, and now Hydra V-RAY introduces further advancements. The V-Ray uses the same chassis and has the same number of outlet (8) than Model-8, but employs internally larger and more Venom filters (36 instead of Model-8's 12). Also new internally is the power-distribution buss system, which is made from pure CDA-101 copper.

Result, according to SR, is "Unprecedented levels of sonic resolution and a stunning black velvet background await the owner of the new Hydra V-Ray." Price USD 3.995, one review already on-line at Soundstage.

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