Tuesday, January 30, 2007


For audiophiles EMM Labs is well-known for its CDSD Signature Edition transport and DCC2 SE DSD converter, the combo Harry Pearson commented in February/March 2005 TAS as "You simply don't get this kind of improvement in part of the component chain of anything in audio more than once in a decade or so and now that day has come."

EMM Labs has since introduced a single-box solution, the CDSA SE CD/SACD Player. This dual format player "... doesn’t merely upsample CD audio to SACD, it upsamples to double the SACD standard sampling rate. Pop a CD into the CDSA SE, in other words, and the player takes the 44.1kHz signal and upsamples it to 5.6448MHz. Making CDs, not surprisingly, sound remarkably like SACDs."

European prices seems to be 9.900 euros, available in early 2007.

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