Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lansche Audio 4.1 speaker

Lansche Audio, a German speaker manufacturer, might be in a position to change pecking order of high-end speakers - at least based on specs. Like other German speaker company Acapella, LA utilizes ion tweeter in its 4.1 speaker (PDF in English here). CORONA Ion tweeter, according to LA, has frequency response 1.5kHz - 150 kHz. The other noticeable features of 4.1 are LA in-house developed 20cm paper cone midrange driver, which only weights 8 grams and two active side positioned bass units per speaker. Cross-over is minimalist, one component for tweeter and two for mid-range driver. Furthermore, user adjustable control are provided for bass with cut-off frequencies and +/- 9.5db level control. Ion tweeter has control level as well. Interior wiring is all silver, efficiency is a whopping 99 dB / W / m and each speaker weights 76 kg. Company has also developed GOA horn speaker and cinema speaker line to complement both 4.1 and GOA.

Mark my words, we'll hear more from this company.

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