Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Audio Research HD 220 hybrid amplifier

ARC continues to roll out aggressively new products. The company has so far renewed its entire Reference family (widely lauded by reviewers) and introduced a number of new line stages. In CES 2007 ARC announced a ground-breaking product for them, a hybrid HD220 amplifier.

As in the REF110, a JFET input - for low noise - feeds a 6922 dual triode gain stage, which in turn feeds a 6H30 dual triode cathode follower which drives the output circuit thru ARC's proprietary coupling capacitors (as used in the REF3 preamplifier). The output stage is comprised of twelve "Thermal Trak" bipolar output devices per channel, delivering 220 wpc into 8 ohm and 410 wpc into 4 ohm. Price estimated as $8,995.

ARC has also announced that digital amplifier 150.2 is discontinued.

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