Saturday, March 24, 2007

Continuum's Copperhead tonearm

It's not an exaggeration to say that Stereophile's analogue guru Michael Fremer set on fire Australian HE-outfit Continuum Audio Lab in his review of Caliburn turntable & Cobra tonearm, and later actually purchasing the review equipment. The equipment equally picked up Stereophile's "Analog Source Product of 2006" and overall "Product of the year" for 2006. BTW, MF dryly noted afterwards that since going public with his purchase he experienced a new height of hate email. Ah, how this hobby unites melomanes.

Company has introduced a new Copperhead tonearm, which is Rega-mount compatible, i.e. you can install this USD 6.000 tonearm pretty much on everything. See details on Continuum's Web-site, be warned that this is one of those sites where 20-years old web designers went over-the-board with Flash ... Nevertheless, as a passionate advocate of outside-the-box thinking and great engineering I personally regard
highly Continuum's approach.

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