Tuesday, May 10, 2005

IsoClean audio-grade fuses

Source: 6moons.com May 2005

" If upgrading from a stock power cable to a decent aftermarket cord can produce audible benefits, then why not that little fuse? "

"... I noted the difference right away, even from a cold start. I noted slightly greater transparency and less hash and grain, not unlike a decent power cable. On my CD players, the effect was inconclusive. I did not notice an improvement let alone a difference in either player. Perhaps they needed a little break-in time? I left the fuses in my equipment for a couple weeks before swapping them out with my original fuses. Whoa. Now it was obvious that the Isoclean fuses had a significant impact on my system's performance. Via the CD players, I observed less grain and hash, greater transparency, a little more detail and a slightly more open soundstage. The effect was not unlike swapping in a set of decent power cables or inserting modest power conditioning. "

Viewpoint: I'm uber-tweaker, but such an impact from changing fuse? But then I remember reading something similar in German audio magazines. I suspect that if this works, then it's better kept between you and your best friends. Like when I replaced with some of my audio buddies IEC and Schuko plugs of Siltech SPX-30 power cords by Furutech and Wattgate top-of-the line plugs. Or replacing WBT copper spades by WBT's best silver spades in my Kimber Kable 3035 speakers cables ...

HiFi Tuning also offers audiophile grade Fuses made from pure fine silver and handmade in Germany. Check this excellent site if you are interested in DIY or are looking for cables, plugs etc.

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