Sunday, January 06, 2008

Positive Feedback has discovered very interesting new minimonitor, the U.S. designed, but Chinese built, little wonder called the Evidence. The manufacturer and designer is MHI, Musical Heart Instruments, a division of Micro Home Installation, Inc., Corona, CA. They are available from Brooks Berdan LTD, in Monrovia, CA.

According to review, "The 4.5 inch robust Mogami paper midrange/woofer, sourced from Pioneer of Japan, is ran full-range. The driver is surrounded in a high tech cloth that will last vastly longer than foam. It has a response from about 60Hz to 10,000Hz. A crossover controls only an exotic two inch long ribbon super tweeter, also from Pioneer. This is crossed over at about 10,000Hz and extends up to 100,000+ Hz!".

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