Friday, June 01, 2007

Musical Fidelity 550K Supercharger

Now we know the reason for MF's (once again) excellent marketing campaign, i.e. 1st June 10:10 am announcement. MF 550K Supercharger are monoblocks amplifiers that use the kW550 power amp circuit in a low gain configuration. The 550K Supercharger is connected to the system just before the loudspeakers. All you have to do is disconnect the existing loudspeaker cable from the loudspeaker. Connect that cable to the Supercharger’s input. Connect the Supercharger’s output to the loudspeaker and connect the Supercharger to the mains.

The 550K Supercharger is a natural product extension to enforce MF's current mantra: if a hi-fi system is to be realistic, it should be able to achieve realistic peak levels at a normal listening position, i.e. a top quality hi-fi system should be able to deliver a 110dB peak. MF maintains that during the last 10-15 years we have lost dynamics in music reproduction as current loudspeakers are less efficient as speakers of 80's and 70's.

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