Friday, June 22, 2007

Red Wine Audio iMod revised

Red Wine Audio now offers audiophile hardware modification for the newer 5/5.5 Generation iPods. According to RWA's web site, iMod is required because iPod experiences sonic degradation from the cumulative effects of non-audiphile grade stock components that are directly in the line-out signal path. In effect, preventing iPod's Wolfson DAC reaching its full potential.

With the 4G iPod modifications, RWA takes the analog output (line out) signal from the iPod's Wolfson DAC chip and sends it directly to the unit's 1/8" headphone jack via high-end Black Gate Non-Polarized NX-Hi-Q coupling capacitors. However, the 4G iMod is intended only for use with a high-quality headphone amp or a hi-fi system as it converts the headphone jack into a dedicated line-out jack, and therefore, the iPod can no longer be connected directly to headphones.

The 5G/5.5G iMod is a little different as it leaves the headphone jack unaltered. RWA could not Black Gate caps into the newer and slimmer 5G/5.5G iPods, so the analog output signal from the Wolfson DAC chip is sent directly to the unit's dock connector pins. Drawback is that you need ALO Audio iMod Dock Cable, as ALO has found a way to install the Black Gate caps in the dock plug of the cable itself. See ALO Audio's website for more info.

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