Thursday, May 31, 2007

Nordost Odin cables

German hifi magazine Stereoplay missed the boat ;) In June 2007 issue they gave Nordost Valhalla interconnects and speaker cables co-reference status (along Kimber Kable KS1036), yet Nordost had already raised the bar by announcing new Odin Reference cable range. Extract from Nordost material:

"1.Dual Mono-Filament Construction

The World-renowned performance of Nordost's Valhalla is based on the combination of Mono-Filament spiral spacing and extruded Teflon insulation, a unique construction that creates a virtual air dielectric. For Odin, Nordost's engineers have taken this process a stage further, first twisting two FEP Mono-Filaments together, before winding them in an open spiral around each solid-core conductor. It sounds simple, but demands dramatically higher production tolerances if such complex, multiple cable constructions are to be successfully manufactured. However, the results are a significant reduction in conductor contact area and far greater geometrical consistency, especially when cables are bent. First used in the Valhalla power cord and Tyr interconnect, Odin employs Dual Mono-Filaments in conductor's in optimized arrays throughout the range.

2.Total Signal Control (TSC) Shielding

Odin interconnects also employ a revolutionary new shielding technique, developed to match the theoretical performance of solid copper pipes without the resultant problems of inflexibility that such rigid structures impose. Each of the eight conductors in an Odin interconnect is individually shielded using this Nordost developed technology which minimizes both signal leakage and external interference in today's increasingly electronically polluted environment. Conductor materials remain silver plated copper, with silver plated WBT NextGen RCA or Furutech XLR terminations on the interconnects, rhodium plated low mass Z-plugs or spades on the speaker cables."

Odin doesn't come cheap, with prices starting at $14,000/pr for interconnects, $20,000/pr for speaker cables.

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