Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Musical Fidelity 1st June 10:10 announcement

During the last couple of months MF has generated buzz about important announcement at 1st June, exact 10:10 AM GMT. See their Web-site tomorrow what the buzz is all about...

Meanwhile, MF has announced new "super integrated amplifier", model A1008. The accompanied CD-player is model A1000.

The A1008 is descendant of the kW550 and has the same physical layout and circuit block componentry. The kW550, however, has an extra 3dB of dynamic range and higher power ratings.

The A1008 has 250 watts per channel, external power supply and like Naim SUPERNAIT integrated amplifier, on-board DAC. According to MF, internal 24/192 DAC is exactly the same as the X-DACV8. Digital inputs include USB.

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