Wednesday, May 30, 2007

High-end gear for sale

I've various high-end gear for sale.

To start with, Mark Levinson 334 power amplifier. Requires no introduction, the last line of ML amplifiers which is built like a tank - and drives any speaker. The amp in question was purchased in 2001, has one little scratch on top, price very competitive 2.900 euros. A steal.

The second gear needs some explanation. It's a combo, comprising of Perpetual Technologies P-1A digital prosessor and P-3A 24/96 DAC. The P-3A has ModWright Signature II mods, as has external Monothlic power supply. Icing the cake are silver, cryo treated Revelation Audio power cables between Monolithic power supply and PT boxes, and Revelation Audio silver, cryo-treated I2S cable to connect PT units.

Idea is that you set P-1A set to output 44.1kHz, which will leave it to the P-3A's circuitry to upsample the data to 96kHz. However, you have to set P-1A's Output Bit Density to 24 bits. Connection between the units is the best digital connection in terms of eliminating jitter, i.e. I2S.

Cracking digital re-production, 550 euros. I've Mark Levinson 390S cd-player, so I do know something about good digital sound. See Stereophile review, and then check ModWright and Revelation Audio.

The third item is a pair of Kimber Kable's top KS 9038 jumpers for loudspeakers. I used them when I owned Revel Studios, don't need them now with my pair of JMLab Micro Bes. Trust me on this, if you have jumpers in your high-end speakers, you have not heard what your tweeters can achieve before you use these jumpers. Price 400 euros.

SMS / call at +358 40 7000 482, or leave a note to this blog entry.

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