Thursday, April 19, 2007


Enjoy the Music has a review of Ed Meitner's single chassis CD/SACD player, which upsamples the Red Book 44.1kHz signal to 5.6448MHz DSD.

According to Phil Gold: "The CDSA SE has to be in very front rank of CD Players regardless of cost. It will do wonders for detail retrieval, imaging and accuracy complete with a fully realized bottom end and open top on the best Redbook recordings. Its failings are those of the medium itself. As to SACD, this is as good as digital gets, and far better than any Redbook CD you will ever hear".

The Positive Feedback seems to concur: "Put the CDSA SE up against any Redbook player extant, smile with confidence, and just take SACD as a lagniappe. At this point in time, on planet Earth, digital music reproduction just doesn't get any better than the CDSA SE".

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