Monday, March 26, 2007

Clearaudio Performance package

German hifi-magazine Audio gave in 3/07 issue 100 points for Clearaudio's Performance turntable with Satisfy arm and Maestro MM cartridge, referring combo as one of the best buys in euro 2000 price point. And the French hifi magazine Prestige Audio Video in March/April issue gave the same trio equally good recommendation - "...not even very expensive considering its performance".

What is behind this performance? First, the very latest and patented technology from Clearaudio, the Ceramic Magnetic Bearing, which negates the need for a ball bearing at point of contact as there is no contact! BTW, the same invention is available for existing Clearaudio turntables as an upgrade.

The chassis is precision manufactured from High Density Fibreboard within an aluminium frame, which is then sandwiched between two layers of STARON™ artificial stone. The separate motor is entirely isolated from the chassis, driving the precision-machined 40mm thick acrylic platter via a joint-less silicon based drive belt.

As for the Satisfy Carbon tone arm, it features an unbroken run of Clearaudio’s own Direct Wire from the cartridge to phono plugs. The Maestro is the top of the line cartridge in Clearaudio's range of Moving Magnet cartridges, outputting 3.6 mV.

Cool looking deck, prices for the package appears to vary between 1.990 - 2.495 euros, depending which part of the Single Market you purchase it.

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