Sunday, December 11, 2005

New room and new system

You might have noticed that I haven't posted as frequently as I used to do. Well, the reason is the new job, new house and new system. The move is completed next week and I can go back to my normal routine. So stay tuned.

Since I'm moving in into modern penthouse with asymmetrical listening room (and I thought that I cannot move into more modern design that I already had), I reckoned that the best strategy is to match speakers with the room. Hence, I decided to replace my trusted Revel Studios with a pair of JMLab Micro Be and Velodyne DD12 subwoofer. Should be much better fit with new room - although honestly I don't expect miracles. It's tough to part with Revels after 5 years, those speakers have brought such a pleasure into my life. More annoying is once again to subject myself to some 200 hours of burn-in before I can start to fine tune the system and fully enjoy the music.

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